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Chick Norris joke generator website

Calorie Tracker

Track your calorie intake in a simple way.

This application lets you add in your meal along with the calories to track your calorie intake. Your data is saved to your browser. You can also go back to edit or delete your previous entries at any time.

Module Pattern | Materialize UI Framework | Javascript | State Management | Local Storage | Responsive

Micro Posts Web Application

Micro Posts | CRUD App

Post what's on your mind.

Microposts lets you make a post like twitter, but here you can edit your post. Therefore, it is better than twitter. All posts go to a JSON API file in the project folder.

Module Pattern | Node.js | Javascript | State Management | JSON API | Responsive

Chick Norris joke generator website

Chuck Norris Joke Generator

Get as many Chuck Norris jokes as your heart desires.

Dead simple Chuck Norris joke generator. Enter how many jokes you want and the site will get them for you from an API.

HTML | Skeleton Framework | Javascript | API | Responsive

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