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I'm Andres,

Web Developer

Front-end Developer / HTML / CSS / Javascript


Chick Norris joke generator website

Calorie Tracker

Track your calorie intake in a simple way.

This application lets you add in your meal along with the calories to track your calorie intake. Your data is saved to your browser. You can also go back to edit or delete your previous entries at any time.

Module Pattern | Materialize UI Framework | Javascript | State Management | Local Storage | Responsive

Micro Posts Web Application

SFX Client Portfolio

A showcase of projects by a local SFX artist.

A website with a focus to look great on desktop and mobile. It uses custom HTML and CSS to animate the side menu and gallery. To show off the images, the LightBox library is used.

HTML | CSS | Javascript | LightBox | Responsive

Chick Norris joke generator website

Chuck Norris Joke Generator

Get as many Chuck Norris jokes as your heart desires.

Dead simple Chuck Norris joke generator. Enter how many jokes you want and the site will get them for you from an API.

HTML | Skeleton Framework | Javascript | API | Responsive

About Me

My name is Andres Rodriguez, and I am excited to say I will be graduating with a bachelor’s in computer science with a concentration in Software Engineering at the end of June 2021. I have worked tirelessly juggling full-time employment, full-time university, and my personal life. This is also why I am proud to mention I will be graduating with a 3.9 GPA. I cannot wait to join a great software team to create projects in a professional environment and solve difficult problems.

Outside of my educational and professional goals, I enjoy conquering Spartan races. In 2019, I completed the Trifecta medal by completing three races, each more difficult than the last. My new goal is the Spartan Ultra. A half marathon 30 obstacle course. Mud, dirt, and water, here I come.

Chick Norris joke generator website